Masterlist of #ThursdayAesthetic themes

So someone on Twitter asked me for a list of older #ThursdayAesthetic themes for those who are new to the hashtag.

(See this post if you’re wondering what #ThursdayAesthetic is.)

I thought it was a great idea to keep a running list. Thanks @Avery_Marsh for the suggestion! I’m including my own tweets from each week as an example.

4.05.2018: No theme! This was week one, when this all happened.

4.12.2018 Protagonist:

4.19.2018 Villain:

4.26.2018 Setting:

5.03.2018 Fave Supporting Character:

5.10.2018 Future Project:

5.17.2018 Love Interest / Best Friend:

5.24.2018 TBD!

5.31.2018 TBD!

6.07.2018 TBD!

6.14.2018 TBD!