Even Lovers Drown – [YA Contemporary Fantasy] a fantasy thriller about a siren who goes to an arts conservatory to escape her murdery family, only to fear she may have brought the murders with her when a classmate dies. Status: in revision.



Sparks Flying – [YA Science Fiction] a far-future space opera from the snarky point of view of an ambitious, rebellious girl pilot, juxtaposing romantic tension inspired by Pride & Prejudice with the deep-space political unrest of Battlestar Galactica. Status: completed.

Wild and Winged Hearts – [YA High Fantasy] a dual POV, feminist, fairytale-inspired high fantasy about a princess and a maid who switch places after a dark curse goes awry, with elements of Swan Lake, The Prince & the Pauper, and Cinderella. Status: drafted, on hold.